MTB Skills – Level 1

Mountain biking is all about having fun!

And you’ll have more fun if you get it right from the start, with fundamentals that will get you riding with better control and more confidence!

Get a solid base on which to build your skills and take your riding to the next level. If you’re new to mountain biking, or want to start riding technical trails but feel like your confidence is holding you back, this is the class for you.

Topics include:
• How the right riding position gives you greater control
• How to brake smoothly and effectively
• How to tackle moderate uphill climbs and downhill slopes
• How and when to shift gears
• How to corner with confidence, and more

Helmet, riding jersey/pants/shoes/gloves advised, drinking water. Bring a mountain bike in good working order.

Mountain biking is naturally more physically demanding than riding on a road, and you will be required to attempt and re-attempt the techniques in order to learn them, so you will need a basic level of fitness and a can-do attitude.

In the event of extremely wet weather or unexpected circumstances, classes may be postponed.

Ages All ages (12 and under must be accompanied by an adult)
Dates Weekday / Weekend mornings
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday
Time 9:00am – 12:00pm, or
3:00pm – 6:00pm
Location Chestnut South MTB Trail, or
• Bukit Timah MTB Trail, Dairy Farm entrance
Duration Approximately 3 hours
Fee Gather some friends, book as a group and save!
1:1 – $240 for 1 student
1:2 – $340 for 2 students
1:3 – $420 for 3 students
1:4 – $500 for 4 students
Schools: Please call
WEF 15 May 2014

Why book with us?

At Bike School, we take a different approach to mountain bike skills coaching – mixing core trail skills with fundamental BMX and Downhill MTB skills. While this may seem intimidating at first, the benefits and changes to your riding style will be nothing short of phenomenal! You’ll find yourself climbing better, descending faster and flowing aggressive trails with much greater speed, control and confidence. In short, mountain biking just got more fun!

We are the only dedicated cycling school in Singapore and we’ve been running BMX and MTB skills classes for the last four years, so we know how to help you ‘be all you can be’. Our coaches are fully trained to SSC NCAP standards; and to-date, Coach K is the only coach in Asia with a UCI Diploma in BMX & MTB Coaching, so he knows a thing or two.

Please read the FAQ before booking. Thank you!

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In a short span of 2 hours, there were immediate improvements on skills – manuals, technical climbs, ready and attack positions, etc. To top it all, Coach K made it fun. I am looking forward to the L2 class!

Chris Yap

Coach K was enthusiastic in sharing his knowledge to rookies like me. The theories explains the practical skills. With constant practice, beginners can easily turn to pros. Thanks Coach K for helping me build my confidence and explaining thoroughly the theories behind each turn, break, climb, stand, gear change and on each jump.

Raja Loong

With age we are less gutsy…but just a lesson from Coach K, I am so much more confident in riding MTB. In a single session, he taught me techniques that are relevant and valuable. Coach K also imparted useful and practical knowledge that has helped improved my skill tremendously. With his guidance, I can now ride down the rock gardens, something I thought I could never do.

Patrick Chan

Singletrack MTB Skills, Level 1

  • Will riding more trails make you a better mountain biker? Unfortunately, no. Just as driving more won't make you a race car driver, simply riding more without what we call 'deliberate practice' is actually more likely to reinforce poor technique. Instead of riding more, make sure you are first riding right!

Singletrack MTB Skills, Level 1 (Group)