Frequently Asked Questions

... and Answers!


Why can’t I find a telephone number on your website?
Because it’s hard to take calls while we’re coaching and we want to focus on giving our students the best possible learning experiences. If you need to get in touch, simply fill out the online contact form and we will get back to you. If your enquiry is a complex one and not already answered here, we will call you if you provide a phone number.

How do I ensure that I’m taught by a specific coach?
You can make a request when booking and we will try to make it happen.

I want to buy a bicycle before class. Can you give me advice on how to choose one?
We don’t recommend that students buy a bicycle before class as you may not be sure of your fit requirements. We give all students bicycle purchase advice after every class, and can recommend shops for you to visit.

What happens if it rains?
We will update you on the weather condition an hour before the class. The instructor reserves the right to cancel or postpone the class due to bad weather conditions such as heavy rain or thunderstorms. Classes will be postponed to a mutually agreeable time. In the event the class has to be cancelled due to bad weather 45 minutes (or 50% of the session) after it has commenced, there will be no make up class.

What happens if it’s hazy?
We will update you on the weather condition an hour before the class. The instructor reserves the right to cancel or postpone the class due to poor air quality based on public data. Classes will be postponed to a mutually agreeable time.

What if I fall sick?
In the event of an illness or injury which will cause you to miss the class, do inform us at least a day in advance to arrange for a make up class.



Learn to Ride

Why can’t you teach my 5-year old?
We accept students aged 6 years and older only, as they are better able to pay attention and understand instructions. Also, our smallest bikes available for rental are suitable for kids aged 6 and above. Even if you bring your own bike, chances are high that it is not the right fit, so the odds of success are far higher when your child is 6 years or older.

I am in my sixties. Can you teach me?
Yes! Our oldest student is 65 years old and riding like a boss.

How long is the course?
Learn to Ride is a 3-hour course, split into two sessions of 1.5 hours each.

How much is the course?
The fee for Learn to Ride is S$280 for 1 student and S$460 for 2 students. We also have bikes for rent at $10 per bike, valid for both lessons. This rate is effective from 1 January to 31 December 2016.

Why are your fees so expensive?
Like learning to swim and drive, learning to ride a bicycle is a valuable lifeskill that stays with you for life. You are investing in quality instruction backed by solid international qualifications. Coach K is the only BMX & MTB coach in Singapore with a diploma from the UCI (International Cycling Union), cycling’s highest governing authority, and has taught over 1,000 people to ride successfully. He not only trains riders, he trains coaches. And he is the only cycling coach in Singapore who is professionally certified to conduct risk assessment for cycling sports. In short, you will be taught by someone who really knows his stuff!

What will you teach?
We will teach you to mount and dismount properly, pedal on two wheels and to turn, move off and stop safely. Depending on the student’s confidence level and if time permits, we may venture onto the park connector to learn how to ride safely with others.

Will I fall?
You are unlikely to fall if you listen to and comply with instruction.

Where is the course conducted?
We coach at East Coast Park’s Road Safety Community Park (910 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449889. Car Park B2). If the park is being used for an event on the day of your lesson, we will meet you there and take you to an alternative location within East Coast Park.

Can you coach at a location of my choice?

What should I wear?
We advise a helmet, long sleeved shirt and long pants (protection from sun and abrasions), and covered shoes (no Crocs, sandals or slippers).

Should I bring my own bike?
Yes, we encourage you to bring a bike if you have one, so that you gain confidence handling it. Ensure that your bike is in good serviceable condition before the lesson. If we have to fix or repair anything, we will have less time for learning. If you do not have a bike, we can rent one to you for $10 for the duration of the course. Please let us know your height and weight when requesting a rental bike.

What kind of bikes do you provide?
We provide an easy-to-ride Doppelganger foldable bike for adults, and bikes of various sizes from Kuwahara, Scott and SE for kids. We personally service all our bikes.

Do you guarantee that I or my child will be able to ride by the end of the course?
Learning to ride a bicycle successfully is dependent on the quality of instruction as well as the student’s ability to absorb and apply what is taught. We guarantee that we will try our best to help our students ride successfully by the end of the course. Our success rate is over 99%.

What if I or my child cannot ride by the end of the course?
The vast majority of our students ride confidently by the end of the course. In our experience, those who do not tend to have shorter attention spans and are not ready to take instruction. Students who also have deep-seated anxieties or who have health issues, e.g. poor balance and coordination, may also experience problems.

Bronze, Silver, Gold Awards

I already know how to ride a bicycle. Why should I take Bronze, Silver or Gold?
The Learn to Ride (LTR) Awards will teach you invaluable skills such as how to avoid obstacles, how to ride confidently through narrow or obstructed paths, and how to stop in emergency situations. If Learn to Ride is Cycling 101, then Bronze, Silver and Gold are the advanced classes.

What can expect to learn in Bronze, Silver and Gold?
In Bronze, you will refine your new cycling skills to get smoother and more confident. You will be introduced to standing, standing pedaling, cycling one-handed, balancing at really, really low speeds, and more. In Silver, you will learn advanced starting, cornering, balancing and stopping techniques. Gold is an introduction to the fundamentals and concepts of BMX racing, Mountain Biking, Cyclocross and Road cycling. You will learn through mini-races and other fun challenges!

What’s the Skills Test about?
The Skills Test is an assessment tool to gauge your level of competency on the bike. Don’t worry, it’s not like the PSLE. You’ll actually have fun doing it!

Mountain Biking

I have never ridden off-road before. Will I be able to learn anything?
With MTB Skills Level 1, you’ll learn correct theories and skills right from the start.

I have some mountain biking experience. Must I still take Level 1?
You should. It will be impossible to teach advanced skills if fundamentals are not there.
If you’re joining a group class, it would be unfair to others who have paid to learn something new if the instructor has to spend time bringing you up to speed.

I am incredibly unfit. Will I be able to last 3 hours?
We usually start with a short warm-up ride to a location and stay there for awhile doing drills. If you are unfit you can skip a drill or two and catch your breath. We encourage everyone to take breaks to catch their breath, observe others practicing or relax to regather thoughts. The techniques you learn will help you ride more efficiently until your level of fitness catches up.

Will we spend a lot of time riding trails?
MTB Skills classes are aimed at instruction and learning through drills. That’s the only way to reinforce good habits and get rid of bad ones. There is really no point hitting the trails if you’re still sketchy and unsure. If you’re used to riding fast and hard, it would be a good idea to go for a ride before the class.

What do you mean by ‘bring a mountain bike in good working order’?
Your mountain bike should be fully-functional and ready to tackle off-road terrain. Mountain biking requires you to change your body position hundreds of times during a ride in order to deal with technical descents, climbs, jumps, bumps and everything in-between. During the warm-up ride, we will observe how you ride your bike so we can recommend changes to make you more balance, stable and comfortable.

How soon will I experience improvements in my riding?
We can (and will attempt to) teach you all you want to learn, but remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. That said, of the hundreds who have taken our classes, everyone has seen improvements in their bike handling skills and more importantly, felt more confident in their abilities. After you have attended a class you will still need to remember to do all the good things you learnt when you need them out on the trails.

T’n’T Bike Camps

What does “T’n’T” stand for?
It stands for Track and Trail, as the camp will take participants on both a BMX track and a mountain bike trail.

My son/daughter is not yet 9 years old. Can they join the camp?
Yes, if they are confident on a bike and are able to follow instructions.

Is it safe?
Yes, because we provide safety gear for all participants and give clear instructions for safe riding. However, as with any sport, a certain amount of risk is involved. If you prefer not to expose your child to the possibility of falls, cuts and scrapes, this isn’t the programme for you.

What should I bring for the camp?
Please bring sunscreen, your own bike and safety gear if you have them, and a big bottle of water. We provide isotonic drinks and bananas, but feel free to bring your own snacks for break time.

What should I wear for the camp?
A long-sleeved shirt, long pants and covered shoes (no slippers or sandals).

Indemnity & Photo Release

All students (that means you) who participate in classes, clinics, camps and workshops conducted by Singapore Bike School Pte Ltd do so at their own risk. We will not be held responsible for any claims arising out of any injury, damage, or loss of life while attending classes and this includes all costs and expenses incurred as a result of such claims.

Photos of students may be taken and used for publicity purposes unless explicitly refused by the students or their parents upon booking of classes.