Learn to Ride

Change your life, ride a bike!

Take cycling lessons in Singapore with Singapore Bike School and discover the life-changing experience of being able to propel yourself along on two wheels!

Singapore Bike School’s proven methods and patient coaches take out the guesswork and minimize the frustration of learning how to ride a bike. We will get you up to speed quickly and teach you key techniques to get you riding in no time. This is the foundation of our development pathway in cycling.


Topics include:
• Mounting and dismounting
• Balance and coordination
• Steering with confidence
• Starting and stopping safely, and more

Learn to Ride” is the only structured and graded cycling programme in Singapore!

Helmet, enclosed shoes (no slippers or sandals), long pants and long-sleeved tee advised. Bring a bicycle in good working order or rent one for just $10.

In the event of wet weather or unexpected circumstances, classes may be postponed.

Ages Strictly 6 years and above
Dates Weekdays
Monday, Wednesday or Thursday
Saturday, Sunday
Time 9:00am – 10:30am
11:00am – 12:30am
5:00pm – 6:30pm
9:00am – 10:30am (Saturday only)
11:00am – 12:30am (Saturday only)
3:00pm – 4:30pm
5:00pm – 6:30pm
Location East Coast Park (Road Safety Community Park, Carpark B2)
Duration Two 1.5-hour sessions
Cost $280(1 student)
$460 (2 students)
Schools: Please get in touch with us for discussions on group rates.
Bike rental $10 per bike (valid for both lessons)
Please read the FAQ before booking. Thank you!

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My 6 year old was off and away within 45 minutes of our first lesson, confidently on 2 wheels. The lesson was methodical yet fun, with key concepts introduced effectively. Cycling dissected into A, B, C, made very easy for a Primary 1 child to understand and execute. The best feedback was when we were headed home and my son said that we just had to take the training wheels off his bike at home. Testament to the confidence built in just 1 lesson!

Adeline Tan

Anybody who can teach my daughter to ride a bike must have a special technique. I was really skeptical at first but after seeing the Coach taking my girl through the basics and then seeing her actually riding independently, I have to admit that I was impressed. These guys can teach and their method works! Well done and thank you very much!

Jennifer Liauw

After countless failed attempts, all it took was 2 lessons with Coach K to get me riding a bike. I’m beyond thrilled and would highly recommend Bike School to anyone who wants to properly learn how to ride.

Sharon Chen

“Learn to ride confidently, at any age.” My 60 year old mum can testify to that for sure, and in less than 4 sessions too. Thanks to Coach K for your patience and expert guidance!

Cheok Yin Peng

Excellent! Both myself and my wife were impressed. My kids love the lesson and our greatest pleasure is seeing them ride the bicycles so well. They did not know how to ride prior and that’s amazing for an hour and a half. Coach K, we salute you! My kids are looking forward to the next lesson and we have decided to sign them up for L2!

Francis Kwang

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Learn to Ride

  • Another happy new cyclist for the archive!

  • It's been quite awhile since we last posted pictures of our Learn to Ride students... so here are some newly minted cyclists!

  • It's been quite awhile since we last posted pictures of our Learn to Ride students... so here are some newly minted cyclists!

  • It's been quite awhile since we last posted pictures of our Learn to Ride students... so here are some newly minted cyclists!

  • The local school holidays have officially ended! Congratulations to all the kids (and grown-ups) who learned to ride this month! Keep riding, keep learning and keep having fun!

  • 'Learn to Ride' student Seema speeds effortlessly along East Coast Park! Last week, her concern was 'will I fall while learning?'. This week, it's 'what bike should I buy?' Yay!

  • As a parent, I totally understand the urge to buy 'a bike the kids can grow into' - a few inches larger and a few kilos heavier won't make a difference; or does it? To a kid, that oversized bike might be as heavy and unwieldy as a motorcycle might be to you!

  • From 'Learn to Ride' straight to the BMX track this Saturday - 3 newly minted, superfast groms - Kiat, Jian and Darren!

  • This morning's book-smart Learn to Ride student is now bike-smart too!

  • Nathan (5) graduates from 'Learn to Ride' with flying colors!

  • Nicole (7), like her brother Nathan, aces 'Learn to Ride'!

  • After a session of 'Learn to Ride', Rachel can now ride off into the sunset!

  • One of the nice things about cycling is that you'll always make new friends!

  • The first weekend of 2013 has just passed and already quite a few go-getters have mastered a new skill - how to ride a bike confidently! No more excuses! The time is now!

  • The Coach is sick, but the hour spent with today's student and the look of happiness as she pedaled up an down the cycling track for the first time totally made his day!