Couch to Enduro

12-weeks to a mountain bike adventure of a lifetime!

Go from zero to Enduro with a guided 12-week training programme that aims to prepare intermediate level mountain bikers for their first foray into MTB Enduro Racing.

This progressive programme includes all the training and advice you’ll need to acquire the fitness, skills and confidence to get you off the couch and across the finish line of your first race!

Couch to Enduro covers:

  • Foundation through to advanced MTB skills coaching
  • Periodized training which include strength, conditioning and mobility plans to ensure you peak on race day
  • Nutrition, bike set-up, equipment preparation and survival mechanical skills workshops
  • Advice, training and motivation provided by Elite-category racers who have been there, done that and are still doing it!

Participants will be supported at their own level of progression, and encouraged to test their limits, and develop their fitness, skills and techniques. Reflection and evaluation of progress is encouraged at the end of each session. The culmination of all this hard work is an awesome multi-day, multi-stage race experience in the Asian Enduro Series.

There are many race categories to choose from so whether you’re in it for an adventure or to race flat-out, there is a category to suit your temperament! Not sure if want the pressure of racing? That’s alright, treat it as a holiday where you get to ride multiple trails multiple times with like-minded buddies!

A desire to ride with a purposeCommitment. Discipline. A willingness to train independently (for a couple of hours) during the week, and ride as a group (for a couple of hours) every Saturday afternoon. Must absolutely enjoy mountain biking and want to take that enjoyment to the next logical level.

Ages 16 years and above. Youths must be accompanied by a parent or have their expressed permission to shred.
Prerequisite Must have some off-road mountain biking experience
Class size Maximum of 8
Duration C2E (Malaysia)
Weeks of 19 May to 15 July 2018. The race is from July 14—15, 2018 in Malaysia.Closing date for enrollment into this class is 30 April 2018.

C2E (Brunei)
Weeks of 21 July to 30 September 2018. The race is from September 29—30, 2018 in Brunei.

Closing date for enrollment into this class is 1 July 2018.

C2E (Thailand)
Dates to be announced.

Training locations Bukit Timah, Kent Ridge, Chestnut and Pulau Ubin trails.
Cost $750 per participant (12-weeks of coaching!)
Race registration, flights, accommodation and expenses excluded.

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 Important Information:

While we aim to keep students as safe as possible, extreme sports can result in serious injuries. But you knew that already. Insurance packages that specifically cover extreme sports are available through our industry partners.