Random stuff to read when you are bored

  • Guide to buying a bicycle

    Take your time to research, read reviews, visit as many bike shops as you can to “kick some tires” and test-ride as many bikes as you can. The payoff for all your hard work and patience will be a trusty companion that will deliver years of fun, help you stay healthy and possibly, even save […]

  • Bicycle helmets

    As obvious as it sounds, an ill-fitting helmet is as good as not wearing one at all. If you’ve just learnt to ride a bike or if you’re a sensible parent getting your kids helmeted, please take the time to read this as we give you the low-down on helmets, how to choose and properly fit […]

  • Get your wife mountain biking…

    “How do I get my wife / girlfriend to start mountain biking?” Oddly enough, I was asked this question several times this past week. I suspect there are many well-meaning men out there who would like nothing more than to have their better halves out with them on the bike trails. Like having two lovers […]

  • Going 1×9

    In typical all-mountain MTB style, I dutifully ran a double-chainring (2×9) drivetrain on my main bike, a Yeti 575. Over time, given my riding style and Singapore’s relatively flat trails, I came to realize that I spent most of the time in the larger chainring. So many, many times I contemplated switching to a single-chainring (1×9) set up, […]

  • Doppelgängers in the house!

    Its been a month since we got our Doppelgänger bikes from Doppelgänger Singapore. We and our students have ridden them quite hard during this time, and we thought it would be a good time to provide a little update and some details on these bikes. Bottom-line: our Doppelgänger bikes are a pleasure to ride. We […]

  • Downhill Skills, May 2013

    Our Downhill Skills clinics are all about leaving comfort zones and pushing personal limits to transcend new heights of mountain biking – and today was no different as students pushed their bikes, bodies and ba… um… brains to the limit! Thanks to Schwalbe Tires for the goodies! And very special thanks to Walton and the […]

  • GripRings review

    The humble bicycle grip – one of the main contact points on a bike: vitally important for comfort and control; one of the first components that we upgrade, and why not… they are cheap and easy to replace. We change them for better ergonomics, better grip, cushioning and most of the time, added bling-factor. Which […]

  • Going by bike

    Bikes are a great alternative to driving. They are economical, environmentally-friendly, can help you get fit and definitely more fun than being sardined in the train or stuck in a jam. Setting off earlier in the morning when its cooler really makes for a pleasant and more leisurely commute. With a little forward preparation and […]

  • Review of Schwalbe’s Dirty Dan

    The recent downpours created perfect conditions for me to test a new set of Schwalbe Dirty Dans. For those unfamiliar with Schwalbe’s range of tires, Dirty Dans were the tire of choice for Danny Hart when he made this incredible run down the Champery, Switzerland course in the 2011 Downhill World Championship. Incidentally, I was there watching the race ‘live’ in the […]

  • Cycling lessons in schools

    This is a letter that I wrote to Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim on the first of February 2013. Dear Prof Faishal My name is Coach K. I am founder and head coach of Singapore Bike School, the only dedicated cycling school in Singapore. I believe more needs to be done to promote cycling as a sport, and particularly, […]