Bike Maintenance

Singapore Bike School’s popular Basic and Intermediate Bike Maintenance workshops are now offered under Bike School Asia, a new sister company that has been set up to specialize in the teaching of bike mechanics.

Bike School Asia offers an enhanced, comprehensive two-day bike maintenance and repair class covering the following topics:

  • ABCs of bike maintenance
  • Bike basics, proper bike fit, setting up your ride
  • Identifying typical tire, brake and chain problems and how to fix them
  • Emergency repair tips
  • Installing headsets, bottom brackets and cranks
  • Derailleur fitting and maintenance
  • Servicing of disc brakes and V-brakes, and more

To find out more about the class, and when the next sessions are going to be held, please visit the Bike School Asia website.

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Bike School Asia is the only place in Singapore that I know of that shows you how to take apart someone ELSE’s bike and then also shows you how to put it back together again in a cool, dry, fully air-conditioned environment.  Allows any aspiring cyclist to practice in a hands-on manner the most essential and common maintenance tasks such as puncture repair, inner tube change and gear adjustment. Highly recommended for anyone that loves his/her bike and wishes they could take better care of it by themselves.

Michael Roukounakis

It is not good enough to know how to ride a bike. It is also equally important to understand the mechanics of your bike and how to tackle problems that arise when you are out cycling. I participated the workshop and I must say it was a wonderful and informative workshop. The 4-hour workshop was not enough considering that the instructor still had a lot to share with us. Nevertheless, I picked up some interesting survival tips!

Nyok Pin Yong